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What Type of Social Media Content Converts Best? And How Long Does It Take to See Results?

Building a social media strategy often feels like throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks. If your social media content does not convert, you are left wasting your time. The faster you can identify what type of social media content converts best, the sooner you can see results. Your social media content strategy will not include just one type of content but a unique mix of various types. Blending different content styles into your social media strategy helps keep your audience engaged and ensure you don’t fall behind online.

1. User Generated Content
Your audience likely cares more about their own posts than they do about yours. Thankfully, you can use this to your advantage by sharing user generated content on your social media pages. Keep an eye out for any posts related to your brand and share those posts on your own page. User generated content shows that you pay attention to your customers and you value their opinions. Be sure to tag the original creator when you repost user generated content. Chances are they will share your social media posts just because they are featured.

Results: You can usually expect quick results with user generated content. Tagging the original creator instantly alerts them to your content and gets the ball rolling on engagement.

2. Images and Infographics
Have your eyes ever glossed over when scrolling through social media feeds? Your customers are bombarded by countless posts from family and friends, ads from businesses, and spam on their social media accounts. Everything can start to blur together, making it important for your business to stand out. Images and infographics have the potential to be eye-catching and break up the monotony of scrolling. When you truly understand your audience, you can create graphical posts that spark their interest and cause them to pause on your content.

Results: If you know your audience well, you can quickly engage them through images. If you are unsure, it might take some time to learn what works best.

3. Customer Testimonials
Customer testimonials and user generated content are very similar. Your customers want to feel heard and appreciated, and you can achieve that by sharing their own words. Potential customers are also more likely to take the word of someone who has actually used your products and services over your own. Customer testimonials can come in almost any form. From quick video snippets to longer video reviews, long-form blog posts to short customer quotes, you can post a variety of testimonials to determine what works best. Results: Like user generated content, tagging the customer who provided the testimonial can quickly boosts engagement on your posts.

4. Contests
Contests used to be all the rage on social media, but they’ve recently fizzled out. If you are looking to gain some followers quickly or raise brand awareness, contests can help you achieve those goals. However, do not expect contests to earn you loyal, lifelong followers. Hosting a contest draws attention to your social media pages. You can also set the terms for contest entry, including following your various platforms, engaging with your brand online, or providing an email address. This strategy can help you build your email list and boost your follower count. Keep in mind, though, that whole groups of people are dedicated to trolling the internet for contests. Your audience may be more interested in your contest prize than your actual business. If you host too many contests, it can start to seem like you only get followers when you offer a prize. Results: If you use the right hashtags, people will find your contest or giveaway quickly. Monitor your social media for spammers because they can latch onto contests in a flash.

5. Written Posts
From short company announcements to long-form blog articles, there are many types of written social media content. Written posts should be part of your social media strategy, but you will have to determine what works best for your business. Do your customers need regular updates on your products or services? Are they interested in thought-provoking or informative articles? Do you need to set yourself apart as an industry thought leader? The answers to these questions can help guide your written posts and make your social media strategy more effective. Results: It can take a while to see results with written content, but that does not make it less important. Once you have built a solid online presence, you will see more engagement on your written posts.

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