5 components of an inbounding marketing strategy

5 Components of an Inbound Marketing Tactics Inbound marketing is a method of attracting customers through content that your potential customers are actively looking for online. In other words, it's attracting prospective "customers" as opposed to merely attracting "leads". Of course there is overlap and attracting the right kind of leads (those who will buy) can be done by attracting content aimed towards those who might actually make a purchase. An inbound digital marketing strategy is built around attracting high-quality leads and converting these leads into sales opportunities through attracting, converting and closing customers.

5 components of an inbounding marketing strategy

  • Content Marketing
  • AdWords
  • Lead Generation
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Website Optimization

  • Content marketing – Creating valuable information for prospects or persuading them through various means such as infographics, how-to guides, case studies, etc., to take some sort of action that will benefit or further your business.

    Ads – This is the most common and direct way to attract customers and leads into an organization's sales funnel. Paying for clicks, views, visitors etc., on social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube is one of the best ways to quickly grow a customer base online. It can also be used on search engines such as Google and Bing where ads are targeted based on keywords of the searcher which brings them to relevant websites. For example, if someone was searching for "turntables" they would see specific ad links from either companies selling turntables or stores selling their products which they might be interested in buying from.

    Convert customers

    Attracting new potential customers - Digital media channels such as website content, search engine optimization (SEO), blogging, social media etc., are used for attracting high-quality new potential customers through attracting visitors on your company website or blog. This initial step helps you generate some interest among those visitors so that they will stick around on your site. The visitors can get any information they need about your products or services, which creates the opportunity to convert them into leads. convert customers which drives engagement, up-sells and down-sells. This can be done by partnering with websites who sell similar products or services to the company's target market. For example, if a company sells software to plumbers they would start attracting more customers by partnering with plumbing forums online where plumbers already go for advice on tools etc., in order to convert them into customers.

    Close customers

    Close customers which helps maintain brand loyalty and sales opportunities over time. One of the best ways of doing this is via email marketing where companies send updates on their new products or offers/promotions that are running through their business. Email lists are an important asset for any digital marketer because it allows brands to build close relationships with their customers.

    Delight customers

    Delighting customers is about exceeding expectations and going the extra mile to make customer feel appreciated. A great example of this was a mattress company called Casper who sent its new customers a handwritten note, some candy and a thank you card as part of its delivery packaging. This not only helped them stand out from their competitors but also provided an excellent opportunity for building word-of-mouth referrals which further help attract more new customers through a marketing approach that is also more sustainable in attracting quality leads on a more long term basis rather than just attracting lots of low-quality leads that may disappear quickly after they have been converted into sales opportunities. Inbound digital marketing strategies are currently being use by most successful companies who see attracting quality customers as a more sustainable and effective approach compared to traditional marketing strategies that focus on interrupting customers with different forms of advertisements.

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