Email Marketing: Drip Campaigns

Your email newsletters and important announcements are great ways to connect with customers and potential leads. Unfortunately, your new subscribers only see the latest message. They are left without background on your products and services and see marketing messages out of context.

Automated email marketing campaigns can fit seamlessly within your existing advertising campaign. This strategy provides a cohesive experience across your platforms, reinforcing your messages and building trust with your audience. If you are not using drip campaigns, keep reading to learn how this form of email marketing can boost your business.

What are drip marketing campaigns?
The term “drip marketing” probably evokes images of a leaky faucet and slowly falling water droplets. That imagery is not far off from the definition of drip marketing. Over time, a slow drip of water can have a major impact. Each drop collects and builds until water eventually spills over. Drip marketing campaigns work much the same way.

Drip marketing is sometimes referred to as automated email campaigns, marketing automation, or lifecycle emails. Campaigns consist of a series of marketing emails sent on a set schedule. Emails can be automatically sent on certain days or times or triggered by a specific action. For example, you can schedule drip campaign emails to send every three days. Or, you can configure your emails to send based on customer behaviors like making a purchase.

Benefits of Drip Campaigns
If you are unfamiliar with drip campaigns, they can seem overwhelming. Creating an effective marketing automation sequence, scheduling drip emails, and ensuring everything works smoothly is daunting. However, the beauty of drip campaigns is the ability to set them up and forget about them. As an automated strategy, very little is required of you after the initial campaign creation.

. Drip campaigns are used for a variety of purposes, including larger advertising campaigns. From lead nurturing and onboarding to membership renewals and purchase confirmations, the options for drip campaigns are unlimited. Determine which types of drip campaigns work best for your business and enjoy the following benefits.

Higher Engagement
You can configure emails to send based on specific customer action. By quickly following up when a customer takes action, you can improve engagement rates. Automated emails are more relevant for your audience because they are based on their unique behaviors.

Drip campaigns are also excellent for welcome email series. Open rates can reach more than 85% when an automated welcome email is sent right after a customer subscribes to your newsletter or signs up for a product or service.

You can also use a drip campaign after a customer has made a purchase. Help them learn more about your product and maximize their experience by providing tips on using your products or services. By offering valuable content your audience wants to see, you can increase engagement for your communications.

Lead Nurturing
If your leads are not quite ready to make a purchase, enroll them in a drip campaign to keep the leads warm. Your email sequence can provide valuable information about your brand, your products, and your services. Customer expectations can be clearly set, helping leads make a decision on partnering with your company.

Brand Awareness
Regular emails from your brand can help familiarize customers or leads with your name, products, and services. Customers learn to expect messages from you, and they get used to seeing your company name in their inbox. Your email drip campaign can share information about your business, so customers get to know you better and learn to trust you.

Tailored Content
You can enroll contacts into a drip campaign based on their position in your sales cycle. You can also create drip campaigns targeting each stage of your sales cycle in order to provide relevant information every step of the way. The content of your emails should address frequent questions or concerns leads have at each stage.

Engage Inactive Contacts
If a lead has gone cold, drip marketing can help revive them. Cold leads often get pushed to the end of the priority list as time is spent on warmer leads with more potential. However, you can create drip campaigns designed to reengage these contacts with your brand. Maybe they never got back to your last lead generation email, or maybe they haven’t purchased from your company in a while. Either way, you can put your brand back at the top of their mind just by setting up automated emails.

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